ATF Episode 101: B'Gock!

All The Fixins is back after a long hiatus with all the latest Survivor gossip. Corinne dates a turkey (lawyer) and loses him to donuts. Tarzan and Jen make an Instagram. Michael Yerger makes a 94-song sex playlist. Joe and Sierra do a photo shoot. Anna and Omar break up. All The Fixins: it's not a job if it involves a promo code.

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ATF Episode 100 Part 2: A C&^t And A Bearded Guy

Max and Corinne take listener calls and look back at some the ATF community's favorite moments from the show's first 100 episodes.

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ATF Episode 100 artwork by Danny Mork 

ATF Episode 100 Part 1: The Shane Show

Max and Corinne are joined in the studio by Shane Powers for a wide-ranging discussion covering politics, podcasting, and that reality TV show they all were on. Shane has been a source of inspiration and guidance for Max and Corinne since ATF's inception, so he makes a particularly fitting guest for the show's 100th episode. 

Check out The Shane Show live nightly on iTunes or The Shane Show App.

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ATF Episode 99: Corinne Previews Her Ghost Island Brutal Cast Assessment

Corinne is struggling to sell her worthless crap to people who don't speak English. Yeah, I know, it's a metaphor for her dating life. One thing she's not struggling with is her Survivor: Ghost Island Brutal Cast Assessment for Rob Has A Podcast. Corrine announces the first two castaways to get cut from her binder, ranks the hottest guys in the cast, and doubles down on her claim that Donathan is the greatest Survivor contestant ever. All that, plus the latest Survivor gossip, including which current and former castaways bought their Instagram followers. All The Fixins: Up, up, down, down, B-A, B-A, select, start.

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ATF Episode 98: This Is Your Son

It's time for another installment of the voicemails show, when Max and Corinne take your questions for Summer Reading! Topics addressed include dead exes, dealing with jealousy, sex tapes, coming out before you're ready, and how to get revenge on a guy who would ghost a pregnant girlfriend. Plus Max and Corinne perform a wellness check on a AWOL patron. All The Fixins: we are very unpredictable and we always make a scene.

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ATF Episode 97: Taking Off Your Wonderpants

Here at ATF we love books. Now, to be clear, we don't so much like to read books. We're more into collecting them. And what a collection we have amassed in the ATF Liberry. This week join us as we wonder at a life lived in wonder and work out our issues via an interactive workbook that has us holding open doors for strangers. Plus, Corinne is overvaluing the used crap she's trying to sell on the Internet, which Max takes as a metaphor for her dating life. Corinne previews her Survivor: Ghost Island Brutal Cast Assessment and reveals which new castaway has set the gold standard for the best bio ever. ATF: The things people do for money...sick. 

Buy Wonderlust: Finding Romance, Courage and Freedom Through Solo Female Travel in Vietnam by Stephanie Rae here!

Buy The Invisible 7: A Survivor's Guide To Awesomeness by Missy Payne here!

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ATF Episode 96: Finger-Licking Dead

Max and Corinne are joined in the studio by patron Tall Shawn to answer your relationship, sex, and career advice questions. Max has a friend who's not good at reading signals from members of the opposite sex and is contemplating sitting him down for some real talk. Corinne weighs in on the new sugar babies/sugar daddies apps and issues the definitive statement on Disney bachelor parties. Plus, we add a new softback volume to the ATF Liberry.

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ATF Episode 95: Ultra DTF

In our last episode Max and Corinne pregamed for Arthritis Bowl, Meg Malley's and Andrea Boehlke's charity fundraiser. Now it's time to compare their notes on everything that went down at The Parlor in Hollywood last Saturday night. Corinne is head over heels for a boy from Ghost Island, while Max is formulating plans to ditch Corinne so that he can start a podcast with Andrea. Speaking of ghosts, guess who ghosted Corinne on her 28th birthday? At least she heard from Cole and JP, one of whom is getting her companion pass. Plus, Max shares an exciting update that will have us all thriving in 2018. ATF: how do we delete this?

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ATF Episode 94: The Hardest This Job Has Ever Been

Max and Corinne are joined by ATF favorite Tyler Fredrickson as they pregame for Meg Malley's reality TV charity event. Corinne gives an update on her "situations" with JP and Denver, recommends a teenager take up smoking a creme brulee-flavored vape, and recounts the time she nearly killed a man with a vomit-encrusted dental mold of his own esophagus. All that, plus your voicemails. ATF: The Hitlers of dating.

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ATF Episode 93: Camera Ready

Max and Corinne take your dating, career, and relationship questions. Along the way Corinne confides in Max that as a youth she was tormented by a paralyzing fear of having boogers in her nose.

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