ATF 132: I've Always Wanted A Monkey

Max is having the worst Valentine's Day ever. Corinne is living out her childhood dream of having a monkey of her very own. Plus, the unveiling of the winners of the #BringItBack contest and lots of advice about how to wreck your life, relationships, friendships, or your friends' lives and relationships!

ATF 131: Tupaca The Alpaca

Corinne's midlife crisis has the form of a camelid. Plus, updates on the #BringItBack contest, ketamine guy, and Ambien crying guy. Just typing that out made me realize how bizarre this whole thing is.

ATF 130: Vision Boarding

What do you get when combine Corinne, a tall man, and a double dose of Ambien? Apparently two hours of crying. Pretty depressing, right? Don’t worry, it’s nothing that a ketamine drip won’t fix. Plus: Max and Corinne unblind a Survivor blind item in response to a really tasteless Survivor blind item.  And make sure to join the #BringItBack contest for a chance to win an ATF goodie bag.

ATF 126: Fishing In A Weird Pool (with special guest Brian Howie)

Brian Howie of The Great Love Debate joins Max and Corinne at the ATF compound for an unflinching look at Corinne's dating life.

Follow Brian on Twitter (@brianhowie) and check out for more info and tour dates.

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ATF 125: Like Swatting A Ball Between A Labyrinth

Porn, Lice, and Espionage. That's all I am going to say, fam. Hashtag Daddy Daughter Date. If you don't mind, stay on the line a moment after I close the program. ATF: We f$@k regardless.

ATF Episode 124: I Don't Play Games!

It turns out Corinne and Brandon Hantz have a lot in common. They both mark up their faces. They both believe in fixing your teeth. Neither of them are impressed by pot. And they definitely don't play games!

ATF Episode 123: The Corinne Doll

WYD? Carving a doll in the exact likeness of Corinne? Working on that body transformation? Trying out a new sleeping pill that paralyzes you? Getting trampled by a horse? Visiting the 'bate club? No matter WYDing, ATF is the podcast for you.

ATF Episode 122: A Rare Special Person

What are the odds of going on a date with someone with Marfan's Syndrome and a date with someone with Klinefelter's Syndrome? 1 in 3,000,000. Why do we know this? Because Corinne is the one in this equation. Also in this episode: EDM returns for a tight 20 minute set. Max opens up about the Toothbrush Graveyard. And Max and Corinne answer your advice questions.

ATF Episode 121: Gambling With Your Life

This week ATF is all about learning. First, Max learns about Corinne's favorite Corinne learns the hard way why we never eat a tuna fish sandwich from the train station. Next, Corinne learns the answer to the question "Does Ambien ruin your brain?" Then, we learn why Chadwick's weekend was "up and down." And finally, we learn about the special clothing item one Survivor legend will ask you to wear if you are so lucky to go home with him.

ATF Episode 120: Live From The Vegas Reality Reunion

Max and Corinne welcome Randy Bailey, Bret LaBelle, Michelle Fitzgerald, Julia Sokolowski, Chris Hammons, Spencer Clawson, McCrae Olson and the ATF patrons for a recap of all of the goings on at the Vegas Reality Reunion.

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