#SurvivorATF Episode 30: The Serb

Corinne is on the road in Utah this week so Max catches her up on all of the Survivor gossip. After spending the weekend with Mana and Womana Max has new insights into their intimate new reality show, but Corinne is angry that he didn't rifle through their bags in search of condoms. Max also has much to report on from the viewing party he attended with the Season 33 cast. Who is tall and who is small? Which Millennials and Gen Xers listen to ATF? Who brought down the house with a masterful karaoke performance? During the recap we debut a new song parody by patron Tyler and Max's Will Wahl voice. During the voicemail segment Corinne welcomes to the show her newest friend boy, a 6'8" Serbian musician who doesn't believe in marriage. This is going to end well. Survivor With All The Fixins: The problem AND the solution.

Check out the Serb's music here! 

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