#SurvivorATF Episode 28: ATF Masterpiece Theater

Survivor With All The Fixins is back with an episode that's guaranteed to offend both Trump *and* Clinton supporters. Max and Corinne review some of the heated political debates taking place on former Survivor castaways' social media feeds and present a dramatic reenactment of the Anna Khait v. Neal Gottlieb Twitter tussle by renowned thespian Summer Reading. Corinne isn't shocked to discover that she shares of number of views with Donald Trump. However, she is mortified when she discovers how much she loves the music of Gen X castaway Ken McNickle. The Fuck-It-Alls begrudgingly recap the latest episode of Millennials V. Gen X, breaking down the importance of tribal council seating arrangements and sharing their skepticism over the placement of that immunity coconut. Max prods Corinne for the full details of her cuddle buddy Brandon Hantz's meltdown during Survivor Caramoan, including how she offered to pay him to stay in the game. During the voicemails Corinne encourages a shy listener to just approach girls in bars, and then promptly shares the story of how she used to sucker punch guys who approached her in bars.

Mana Index infographic courtesy of Amy LeRue.