#SurvivorATF Episode 31: Syria Is A Bully

Max announces that #SurvivorATF is officially endorsing Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election, and Corinne shares a few of her political views, making it clear that she really should not be allowed to vote. DROP THAT CAKE! The SurvivorATF investigative journalism team interrupts this week's Millennials Vs. Generation X recap to cover breaking news in the Survivor charity world after the UN announces that Syria is in fact a Bully. Max and Corinne discuss the list of Survivors who will be in attendance at EW Pop Fest and ask “Are you kidding me?” Corinne reveals that after Gabon she flirted with the WWE, and Max contemplates what it would take to get him to leak his nudes. All that, plus your voicemails and the latest installment of the never-ending debate between Summer Reading and Winter Television over Sunday Burquest. Survivor With All The Fixins: the hosts are both Jewish, so you’ll never have to worry about media "loading" or "buffering" every time you try to listen.

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