#SurvivorATF Episode 39: The First Annual ATF Hanukkah Spectacular

Baruch atah Adonai! It’s Christmas, or as Max and Corinne call it, Hanukkah! Max has an experience that makes him really identify with Tyler and confesses to Corinne that he's grown quite fond of Mana Kournikova. Max and Corinne judge entries in an anus beauty contest and check out the items on sale at Mike Skupin’s legal defense fund eBay auction. Corinne dates a skecher on an electronic skateboard and matches on Tindr with a convicted murderer. Corinne gets ready to play Santa Claus for some Ecuadorian children, and let’s just say that “It’s not good.” Survivor With All the Fixins: It’s like you died and went to Jew heaven!

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