#SurvivorATF Episode 13

Maybe it's the meat talking, but this week's Survivor With All The Fixins is as uncomfortable as an enlarged prostate. The episode begins with Corinne complaining about how all of the Fake Corinnes on Twitter are ruining her real life. Max and Corinne then discuss how Jews win at buffets, tripping out on Ibogaine in Gabon, and which Kaoh Rong castaway is most likely to have flicked her bean out on the island. #SurvivorATF Hot Doctor correspondent Marcus Lehman, MD drops by for a post-mortem on Joe's game. During the voicemails Max remixes one castaway's voice while Corinne shares a story about dropping a deuce in front of a group of schoolchildren at the zoo. Oh yeah, and it turns out that Corinne has murdered several pets. Survivor With All The Fixins: the meat may be tender, but the podcast is HARD.  

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