#SurvivorATF Episode 17: "I'd Like To Speak To A Manager"

Everyone needs a mantra, and it just so happens that Corinne's is "I'd like to speak to a manager." In this episode Max and Corinne are joined by psychic Marjorie O'Rourke to talk about romance, past lives, and the future of the podcast. Corinne describes a date with a doomsday prepper and opens up about her lifelong obsession with arcade claw machines. We welcome the return of The Doodie Chronicles and inaugurate a new segment, Anna Watch. Corinne confesses to having recorded a VHS karate fetish video, and Max shares a very embarrassing jury trip story, only to realize that he's not embarrassed by it at all. Corinne's best friend Matt stops by for the voicemails.

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