#SurvivorATF Episode 15: Florida Vital Signs

Welcome to the offseason...or as we like to call it on All The Fixins, "The Season." In this episode Max and Corinne visit a dark and scary place littered with dead pets, ruined relationships, and poop-covered washcloths. We learn that as a child Corinne rode the short bus, had an imaginary best friend named "Bitter," and dispensed pet care tips on her own public access tv show. Max and Corinne take yet another relationship compatibility test to determine if they are in fact lost causes. ATF Youth Correspondent Kacie Anderson catches us up on the latest Survivor Season 34 rumors. And we introduce a brand-new segment, The Doody Chronicles. All The Fixins - the podcast for when MINO.

Are you a director like Max or a builder like Corinne? Take the compatibility quiz that Max and Corinne took on the air here!

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