#SurvivorATF Episode 19: Engagement Notice

Do I hear wedding bells? Nah, it's probably just an ambulance siren. In this episode of #SurvivorATF Corinne and Max have marriage on their minds. Perhaps it's because the thank-you cards that they made for the ATF patrons look like engagement notices. Or maybe it's because Brandon Hantz is getting married again. Corinne shares the story of the time she got bought out of a marriage proposal for $724 and announces her plan to shop for a boyfriend in prison. Max & Corinne discover their mutual love for Charles Manson and Jonestown and swap stories about their visits to nudist colonies and sex clubs. As if she had not already demonstrated that she is completely unfit for marriage, Corinne steps into the kitchen to teach us how to make brownies without any of the ingredients, only to confess that her recipe almost sent her to the hospital the night before. Stay tuned for part two of this episode, featuring Big Brother 14 champion Ian Terry and your voicemails, later this week.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 19 Part 2: Voicemails with Ian Terry

In this special voicemail edition of #SurvivorATF Max and Corinne welcome Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry to take your calls. The episode begins with back-to-back to back Doodie Chronicles, including Max’s story about spraying his room at Ponderosa from both ends. We also welcome the debut on a new segment, the Vom Chrons, which almost causes Max to bean in Corinne’s living room. Max and Corinne announce their intention to seek sponsorship from an asswipe company and Ian approves. Igor calls in for advice about the very confusing feelings he is having toward Survivor sleuth Redmond. Ian shares his all-time favorite Survivor QT3.14s and lets Corinne see his Tindr profile. She swipes left. Jason calls in with a list of demands and speculates on what it would be like to be gay. Corinne and Max offer advice on how to deal with getting stood up and strategies for delayed gratification.

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