#SurvivorATF Episode 20: Relax and Enjoy It, Baby!

Welcome back to another episode of the only podcast that will probably end up with the listeners dying of malnutrition and the cohost being murdered by an inmate. In this installment of #SurvivorATF Corinne dishes out more *killer* diet tips, informing Max that she subsists on a daily diet of baby food, 25-30 packs of artificial sweeteners, processed cheese powder, and spray butter. Max shares another pregnancy announcement with Corinne, who helps him see the bright side of all of his exes getting knocked up at the same time. Corinne finds out her newest friend boy has been arrested for punching a police horse and shares how she and her GBFF Matt got in a fight over who would hit on Instagram model Brock O’Hurn at the ESPYs. But wait, there’s a bright side! Corinne has found her soulmate in prison, and he is a 39 year old murderer who bludgeoned his parents to death, stole their savings, and then flew to LA to attend a Neil Diamond concert. All that, plus the backstory on Corinne's bizarre Just Fab video shoot and the long-anticipated debut of the karate demo tape that helped Corinne book her fetish video. Relax and enjoy it, baby!

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