#SurvivorATF Episode 18: The Blue Danube

How far would you go for a refund? In this episode we learn about the time that Corinne's mom used a dead body to get her daughter out of a $400 fee. Corinne admits to beating up one boyfriend and to spreading rumors that another one smelled like pee. Later on astrologer Lola Babylon visits the show and suggests that the chemistry between Max and Corinne is so hot that they should record the podcast in a bath tub. Spencer Clawson from Big Brother 15 calls in to dish the dirt on his breakup with podcasting (and life) partner McCrae Olson and sits in for your voicemails. All that, plus an Anna Watch update, an Amelia Bedelia Life Hack, another installment of The Doodie Chronicles, and more details about Corinne's Karate fetish video.