#SurvivorATF Episode 23: Corinne's Stuff


In this episode of Survivor With All The Fixins, Max and Corinne reveal the details of their “intimate” new reality show. Corinne recounts the shocking denouement to her story about stopping a crime in her building’s parking garage. Dr. Chad Kaplan, Corinne’s little brother, drops in to visit and share memories of growing up with Corinne, including how she hoarded toilet paper rolls and made him buy band-aids from her make-believe store, Corinne’s Stuff. Patron Roark returns for a new installment of Anna Watch in which Max and Corinne guess who wrote a series of tweets: former Survivor Anna Khait or future Survivor (and former Corinne friend-boy) Jose Canseco. During the voicemail segments, Corinne tells Max about the time when she and Gravedigger James Clement visited a children’s cancer ward and dispenses bad travel and relationship advice. Survivor With All The Fixins: our time is too short on this sweet, watery rock, and yet we waste it hating. 

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