#SurvivorATF Episode 24: Ha-HA


Max is a very important person, at least according to Twitter. Old what’s her face, who unlike Max is not verified, shares more details about her store, Corinne’s Stuff, including the ingredients of the fake cigarettes she made her brother and grandparents buy. Max and Corinne recap the latest installment of the Corinne vs. Sugar feud, prompting Corinne to pontificate about why she doesn’t believe in charity. Corinne updates Max on a promising lead in her ongoing search for the friendboy who took her virginity and broke her heart and explains how she likes to send her men through a finishing school known amongst her friends as “Corinne’s Carwash.” Max and Corinne continue to be completely obsessed with the Joe and Kelly situation, andvow to rename the podcast “An Intimate Affair with Joe and Kelly” when their intimate new reality show hits the airwaves. Corinne is looking for any excuse to not talk about Survivor, but Max makes her listen to a few sneak previews of the upcoming Millennials vs. Gen X season, including previews of this season’s Debbie and Anna. During the voicemail segment Corinne sizes up Austin Harouff, the face-eating FSU frat boy, as possible friend boy material and shares her tips on how to lose a man in two dates. All that, plus someone comes out of the closet in a vom chron.


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