#SurvivorATF Episode 25: Money Not Mana

Max opens the show by asking for Corinne’s response to a recent Reddit thread suggesting that she could become like a murderer. Sticking with the murder theme, Corinne next updates us on her preparation for her Rob Has A Podcast brutal cast assessment. In the latest installment of “This Week In Dropping Names Like A Government Witness” Corinne meets Harry Styles and breaks the One Direction Internet. Max introduces the newest #SurvivorATF patron, Summer Reading, aka Mana In Human Form, aka The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To This Podcast. There’s a major break in Corinne’s decades-long hunt for the guy who took her virginity, as well as an admission that Corinne’s Jewish gangster friends may have played a role in his disappearance. Max and Corinne also debut a new segment where they endorse products that will make your life better, starting with supercharged caffeine pills and flushable ass wipes. Survivor With All The Fixins: We don’t have mana. We don’t want mana. We don’t even say mana.

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