#SurvivorATF Episode 27: It's Not Good

Survivor is back with a new season, and so too are Corinne and Max, albeit begrudgingly. Corinne finally got verified on Twitter - months after Max, we might add - and is abusing her new social media powers to get the attention of her favorite country music stars. In honor of the release of the trailer for Mana, Joe Anglim's and Kelly Wigglesworth's intimate new reality TV show, Max introduces the Mana Index, a handy infographic that explains who has mana and who doesn't. Max sets a timer and tells Corinne that she can't have any more wine until she's talked about the season premier of Survivor: Millennials Vs Generation X for 30 minutes. 22 of those minutes consist of Corinne nitpicking the castaways' outfits, and the other 8 are taken up by a story about her date with a "Station Manager." The voicemails segment feature a spirited rant from Summer Reading, Corinne's horrible dating and nutrition advice, and another touching story of coming out of the closet by one of our newest patrons. Survivor With All The Fixins: in the immortal words of Summer Reading, "It's not good."