#SurvivorATF Episode 41: Kill Me B!*@#, I'm Dead Already

Corinne is back from her vision quest to Ecuador, and it turns out that the trip was basically one long Doodie and Vom Chron that culminated in an Ambien-fueled turban shopping spree. Max catches Corinne up on all the Survivor news and gossip that she missed while she was away, and breaks the news to her that there is a new Corinne on the reality TV scene.Patrons Mike the Situation and Stefanie pop in for a visit and present Corinne with the most coveted piece of Survivor memorabilia in existence: the Mike Skupin Baby Shoes. Max then surprises Corinne with a birthday party with all the fixins, including appearances from Scot and Jason, Randy Bailey, Peih-Gee Law, Chris Hammons, Mike Holloway and Meg Maley, and Corinne's best friend Matt, as well as songs from Shut Up Tim and Tyler Jacob Jones. All that, plus an in-depth explanation of why orgies aren't wrong and mermaid gender identity.

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