#SurvivorATF Episode 40: We’re Renaming Her “R” (with Peih-Gee Law)

It’s New Year’s Eve, and Max and Corn-Row Corinne welcome two-time castaway Peih-Gee Law to the show for a little champagne and a lot of Survivor gossip. Topics of discussion include which Gen Xer big timed Peih-Gee at a finale week party; the one must-have item from the Mike Skupin legal defense fund charity auction; Adam Klein’s hula hoop video; and Brandon Hantz’s new face tattoos. Max and Peih-Gee reminisce about the Second Chance campaign and vote reveal. Corinne updates us on Electronic Skateboard Guy and her redheaded Cabbage Patch Doll Rusty. Peih-Gee asks Max and Corinne to explain what it means to be Jewish and talks about what it is like to be an Asian woman on Survivor.

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