#SurvivorATF Episode 79: For $400 You Can See One World Dong

Max and Corinne welcome back ATF’s first and favorite guest: Worlds Apart sole Survivor/former Corinne friend boy/Max’s best friend Mike Holloway. Mike tries to name his favorite Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers but can’t remember anyone’s name. Corinne discusses if Ryan is a Cochran, and explains why she has such a deep, all-consuming hatred for the man in the sweater vest. Max proposes that Cole is getting high off sharing secrets, and Corinne has a premonition that the center fielder will live or die by her throwing arm. Corinne, Max, and Mike help a moose in the headlights save the little man from inside the canoe and a few high school kids figure out how to bang or drink before they’re ready. In the latest installment of This Week In Survivor One World, Leif dresses up like Eminem and wags his dong around for $400.

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