#SurvivorATF Episode 81: It Is 100 percent OK To Be LGBTQ In Public

Wow, breaking story! Survivor’s ambassador to the City of Breast is making an official state visit to California and Max and Corinne are here to cover it. She’s assembled a crack team to investigate reports of Satanic drag queens at the Long Beach Public Liberry. Yes, you heard me correctly, “liberry.” Her squad: an ITT grad / convicted congressional wannabe who leaves his parentheses open and the disgraced comedic voice of the millennial generation. Max and Corinne answer your advice dating and relationship questions, and Corinne shares the story of her own encounter with a Harvey Weinstein-like figure. All the Fixins: we take it very seriously when hateful morons try to push our friends and loved ones back into the closet.

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