#SurvivorATF Episode 76: I Want To Release It

Corinne is getting paid to watch Survivor, but she still can’t tell Max who was voted out this week. She can, however, tell you that she is in it for Rimmer. Max hung out with the Healers tribe last weekend and turned the rooftop bar at the Ace Hotel into an impromptu pool party with Cole Medders. Survivor: One World is in the news this week. First up, TMZ reports that Kat Edorsson was arrested for hitting her boyfriend...the day after National Boyfriend Day. ATF favorite Alicia Rosa, AKA The Unbox Babe, upstages her castmate (and pretty much everything else that happened in the world last week) with a video about how to take the perfect poop. ATF: we want to have an amazing pooping session in your bathroom.

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