#SurvivorATF Episode 43: I Love You

Corinne and Max read through the Reality Rally lineup in anticipation of crashing the event for the second straight year and become obsessed with Chopper The Bike Dog. Brandon Hantz has more opinions to share about dating and relationships but can’t quite figure out the difference between fiction and facts. The cast of Survivor: Game Changers was officially announced last week, and of course Corinne has some brutal assessments to share. Who has the best official cast photo? More importantly, who has the worst? Which of the Game Changers is most likely to appear in blackface? Which castaway only dates brothers? During the voicemail segment Corinne shares the story of her most horrific blind date and offers advice on whether or not to read a friend-boy’s incoming text messages and how to rebound after pooping in your wetsuit.  

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