#SurvivorATF Episode 47: 2 Phones

Corinne reunites with the Serb in Utah and, to paraphrase Summer Reading, it wasn’t good. Apparently Corinne’s not the only Survivor castaway whose number is in his phone. While Corinne was yelling at the Serb Max was watching the Game Changers premier with Hali and the other LA Survivors. Max & Corinne agree that Hali and Sierra Dawn Thomas are easy tens, but the rest of the Game Changers got old and fat. World-renowned Survivor strategy expert Summer Reading is back with his unique take on episodes 1 and 2, and SurvivorATF All Stars Winter Television and MirIAm call in to answer Brandon Hantz’s eternal question: What is love? All that, plus your voicemails.

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