#SurvivorATF Episode 48: Black Sand Beach

Corinne plays her old hosting demo reel for Max and gives us a terrifying glimpse into how terrible the podcast would be if he weren’t involved. At a star-studded Hollywood party Corinne met Super Bowl MVP Von Miller of the Denver Broncos, who just happens to be Project Lindsey’s biggest celebrity crush. She may have invited him to Stagecoach, which is basically like bringing black sand to the volcanic beach. As Survivor’s foremost expert on animal abuse Corinne has a lot to say about the Game Changers goat controversy. No surprises here: she would have killed the goat. Max unpacks the Dirty 30’s dirty laundry and gets to the bottom of the Hali and Sierra situation. In the voicemails segment one listener needs help winning back an ex who says “I have to go wee wee now” and Big Brother champ Ian Terry has a dating dilemma. 

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