#SurvivorATF Episode 53: Pressed Speech

Corinne finally received her bottle of Syndrex and now she’s all sorts of fired up to leave a five-star review on Amazon. Max tells Corinne about losing his mind on an edible while hanging out with Aubry. A meet up with Joe and Sierra in Vegas prompts Corinne to reminisce on the first time she was read her Miranda rights and punching out one of the most-hated celebrities of all time. It’s family visit time on Survivor, which reminds Corinne of the story of when a fellow castaway’s soon-to-be fiancé put the moves on her brother during the flight to Gabon. Max convinces Corinne to bust out her swimsuit modeling pics from her college days, prompting a debate over whose nudes would fetch a higher price. Survivor With All The Fixins: just a couple of Gews doing a podcast.

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