#SurvivorATF Episode 52: A Group Of People That Like Do A Thing

Amelia Bedelia goes to Stagecoach and manages to blow it with her crush Brock O’Hearn and her all-time favorite country artist Tyler Farr. A package containing banned diet pills goes missing from Corinne's mail room, prompting her to place a call to a federal law enforcement agency. She then goes ten rounds with customer service rep/pusher “Brian G.” in what might just be the single greatest “Can I Speak To A Manager” story of all time. Max and Corinne grab a chimichanga to go and hop aboard the Plus Bus for a trip to Nebraska where some WOPs are changing lives. Meanwhile, up in North Dakota Winter Television is ripping out weaves and waking up Jack and Clayton to teach them about why doors are constricting. Feeling thirsty? Max and Corinne sip some tea, pop a few Syndrex, and resolve to get to the bottom of Andrea’s and Zeke’s in-game rivalry once and for all. All The Fixins: It’s a group of people that, like, do a thing.

"Where Did Aubry Bracco Go" song parody courtesy of Tyler Jacob Jones.

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