ATF Episode 97: Taking Off Your Wonderpants

Here at ATF we love books. Now, to be clear, we don't so much like to read books. We're more into collecting them. And what a collection we have amassed in the ATF Liberry. This week join us as we wonder at a life lived in wonder and work out our issues via an interactive workbook that has us holding open doors for strangers. Plus, Corinne is overvaluing the used crap she's trying to sell on the Internet, which Max takes as a metaphor for her dating life. Corinne previews her Survivor: Ghost Island Brutal Cast Assessment and reveals which new castaway has set the gold standard for the best bio ever. ATF: The things people do for money...sick. 

Buy Wonderlust: Finding Romance, Courage and Freedom Through Solo Female Travel in Vietnam by Stephanie Rae here!

Buy The Invisible 7: A Survivor's Guide To Awesomeness by Missy Payne here!

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