ATF Episode 119: Future Corinne

Corinne encounters her future self in the form of a 70 year-old lady with a great body, a drinking problem, and a husband who waits in the car while she dances on tables. She then proceeds to go on a date with the "pro type for all chads and brads," a Harvard-educated frat boy named Chadwick Nelly who wasn't educated at Harvard, wasn't in a frat, and isn't named Chadwick Nelly. Max discovers the Cameo app and gets Corinne to guess how much other CBS reality stars charge for their personal telephonic appearances.

For years Jonathan Penner and Stacy Title have been the unofficial den leaders of the LA Survivor alumni community, welcoming past, present, and future castaways into their home and hearts with open arms. Now Stacy is in the fight of her life as she battles ALS. Visit to learn more about Stacy, her condition, and how you can help the Title-Penner family.