#SurvivorATF Episode 49 Part 2: Mike Holloway and Meg Maley

Survivor Worlds Apart champ Mike Holloway and Meg Maley of Big Brother 17 stop by to play a round of The Newlywed Game and talk about the most recent episode of Survivor Game Changers.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 49 Part 1: What’s Doing And Who’s Screwing

Max’s 40th is coming, and Corinne has a very special gift for him. Corinne spent the weekend with her friends on the world champion Cleveland Cavaliers, met her #1 NBA heartthrob, and attended a private Dave Chapelle set but still manages to Amelia Bedelia Richard Jefferson’s podcast. To get her mind off things she “Heyyyyyyyys” the entire starting lineup of the Los Angeles Kings and commits casual libel against “Kristina” Yamaguchi. During the voicemails we learn that Corinne’s inner child has fetal alcohol syndrome and that she once chose an appearance in Page 6 over a 3 year relationship. Max and Corinne go deep on a subject that is near and dear to both of their hearts: long distance relationships.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 48: Black Sand Beach

Corinne plays her old hosting demo reel for Max and gives us a terrifying glimpse into how terrible the podcast would be if he weren’t involved. At a star-studded Hollywood party Corinne met Super Bowl MVP Von Miller of the Denver Broncos, who just happens to be Project Lindsey’s biggest celebrity crush. She may have invited him to Stagecoach, which is basically like bringing black sand to the volcanic beach. As Survivor’s foremost expert on animal abuse Corinne has a lot to say about the Game Changers goat controversy. No surprises here: she would have killed the goat. Max unpacks the Dirty 30’s dirty laundry and gets to the bottom of the Hali and Sierra situation. In the voicemails segment one listener needs help winning back an ex who says “I have to go wee wee now” and Big Brother champ Ian Terry has a dating dilemma. 

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#SurvivorATF Episode 47: 2 Phones

Corinne reunites with the Serb in Utah and, to paraphrase Summer Reading, it wasn’t good. Apparently Corinne’s not the only Survivor castaway whose number is in his phone. While Corinne was yelling at the Serb Max was watching the Game Changers premier with Hali and the other LA Survivors. Max & Corinne agree that Hali and Sierra Dawn Thomas are easy tens, but the rest of the Game Changers got old and fat. World-renowned Survivor strategy expert Summer Reading is back with his unique take on episodes 1 and 2, and SurvivorATF All Stars Winter Television and MirIAm call in to answer Brandon Hantz’s eternal question: What is love? All that, plus your voicemails.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 46: The Moron Cleanse

Corinne opens the show with a three-part dating update: Electronic Skateboard went gay. The Personal Trainer went Dutch. And a brand new German went batshit crazy. Kaoh Rong castaway Scot Pollard calls in to discuss the disparaging remarks Tai Trang made about him and his fellow Brawn Tribe member Kyle Jason during his Game Changers preseason interviews. Scot also has some choice words for host Jeff Probst on the subject of bitter juries. Brandon Hantz is single again and wants to know what is love, while Winter Television has some encouraging words for the youth of America. Corinne debuts her new fad diet, the Moron Cleanse, and shares her newest scam: fake business cards.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 45: Survivor With All The Patrons

Max and Corinne are joined live in the studio by Ryan Elder and the patrons for a hung-over look back at the #SurvivorATF first anniversary party!

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#SurvivorATF Episode 44: Manager To Manager With Sophie Clarke

It’s mere hours before the #SurvivorATF First Anniversary Party and Max and Corinne are pregaming. They vow to pick up the bar tab for all of their Survivor guests and patrons, unlike Gillian, who offers her Reality Rally stars a cash bar. Brandon Hantz is back on Facebook after taking his kid and new girlfriend on a field trip to death row. Survivor South Pacific champion Sophie Clarke stops by to enable Corinne’s eating disorders and talk about her Survivor Game Changers near miss. Corinne describes the pregaming before Heroes Vs. Villains and Fans Vs. Favorites and recounts a wicked Doodie Chronicle from Gabon. The episode ends with Corinne sharing her latest and greatest accomplishment in talking to managers.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 43: I Love You

Corinne and Max read through the Reality Rally lineup in anticipation of crashing the event for the second straight year and become obsessed with Chopper The Bike Dog. Brandon Hantz has more opinions to share about dating and relationships but can’t quite figure out the difference between fiction and facts. The cast of Survivor: Game Changers was officially announced last week, and of course Corinne has some brutal assessments to share. Who has the best official cast photo? More importantly, who has the worst? Which of the Game Changers is most likely to appear in blackface? Which castaway only dates brothers? During the voicemail segment Corinne shares the story of her most horrific blind date and offers advice on whether or not to read a friend-boy’s incoming text messages and how to rebound after pooping in your wetsuit.  

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#SurvivorATF Episode 42: An Easy Eight w/special guest Eliza Orlins

In this episode our hero Coco Von Mufflestein gets infested by cockroaches, thwarts a home invasion, and accidentally visits a gentlemen's club in Orlando. Survivor Legend and #SurvivorATF Legal Correspondent Eliza Orlins stops by to talk politics, travel, and surviving Trump’s America. Max catches Eliza and Corinne up on all the Survivor gossip, including Brandon Hantz’s guide to catfishing, and then pits them against one another in a spirited round of the “Anna Tweet Or Jose Canseco Tweet?” Game. All that, plus your voicemails, on a very mangeable episode of #SurvivorATF.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 41: Kill Me B!*@#, I'm Dead Already

Corinne is back from her vision quest to Ecuador, and it turns out that the trip was basically one long Doodie and Vom Chron that culminated in an Ambien-fueled turban shopping spree. Max catches Corinne up on all the Survivor news and gossip that she missed while she was away, and breaks the news to her that there is a new Corinne on the reality TV scene.Patrons Mike the Situation and Stefanie pop in for a visit and present Corinne with the most coveted piece of Survivor memorabilia in existence: the Mike Skupin Baby Shoes. Max then surprises Corinne with a birthday party with all the fixins, including appearances from Scot and Jason, Randy Bailey, Peih-Gee Law, Chris Hammons, Mike Holloway and Meg Maley, and Corinne's best friend Matt, as well as songs from Shut Up Tim and Tyler Jacob Jones. All that, plus an in-depth explanation of why orgies aren't wrong and mermaid gender identity.

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