ATF Episode 118: The Racounteur

Corinne finds happiness with a long-time friendboy only to have it all slip away when he suffers massive head trauma. A man with a 12 foot beach ball and a $600,000 condo can't compete with Corinne's glitzy Hollywood lifestyle. Corinne takes a baby for a spin and the Internet calls in an Amber Alert. Max gets a leg cramp.

Hang out with Corinne, Max, the ATF Patrons and more than a hundred of your favorite reality TV weirdos at the Vegas Reality All Star Reunion, September 28-30 at the Rio in Las Vegas. For tickets and info visit

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ATF Episode 117: Prepare The Cage My Friend

Corinne recounts a visit from Survivor winner Michelle Fitzgerald and looks forward to a visit from a male model. Someone's too busy to go to Vegas, while someone else is protesting too much about their dick pic leak. Plus, Max and Corinne answer your dating, career, and sex advice questions. All The Fixins: like taking key bumps of ketamine at a reggae festival.




ATF Episode 116: Unhinged

What's doing and who's screwing? Yes, it's time for Max and Corinne to catch up on all the gossip from the latest reality TV charity event/STD swap meet. Corinne is visited in Denver by her partners in crime Eliza and Franny and also entertains new Australian friend...or perhaps "friendboy"? Plus, Corinne introduces a new approach to dating that combines the best of Hinge and Task Rabbit.

ATF Episode 115: She Died Doing Who She Loved

Think you know everything about Corinne Kaplan? Think again. In this episode alone we learn that 1) Corinne had a pilot on the Burly Bear network; 2) the Burly Bear network is not one of HoZach's favorite fetish sites; 3)Corinne is taking her talents to Hinge in the hopes of scoring a deal on a new car; and 4) there is someone out there who is even less suited for motherhood than Corinne. PLUS, Corinne shares breaking news about her apartment situation and the ongoing saga of The Bad Neighbor.

ATF Episode 114: The Russell Hantz Interview

Russell Hantz joins Max and Corinne for an emotional interview about his time on Australian Survivor: Champions Vs. Contenders.

ATF Episode 113: Water Parks And Water Boarding

Corinne and Max are back to answer your questions. But first, why did Corinne take her new, Franny-approved, handsome, responsible, age-appropriate, friend boy on a chaperoned date to a gay bar? Because she's Corinne. That's why.

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ATF Episode 112: Welcome Back

They say travel changes people. Well, it appears that there's an exception. Corinne is back from her "magnificent voyage" ... and back to her old, messed-up ways. On her first night out in Denver she pulls off a revenge plot for the ages, roofies a former Hell’s Angel, and nearly looses a very important piece of hardware in the process. Max catches Corinne up on everything she’s missed in the CBS reality TV world while away, including the triumphant return of Brandon Hantz.

ATF Episode 111: I'm Sorry I Murdered You

Corinne recaps the highlights of the Survivor finale week parties, including who's cool, who sucks, and who straight up doesn't even know who she is. Denver is a dream where the eyelash extensions are cheap and the sleep is unassisted, but there's a problem brewing at Corinne's new building. Plus, Max and Corinne answer your advice questions. All The Fixins: why the hell was Corinne taking an orienteering class?

ATF Episode 110: Survivor Ghost Island Finale Week Live!

Max and Corinne are joined by the patrons for a live show prior to kicking off the Survivor Ghost Island finale week festivities.

ATF Episode 109: Visit Without Him Knowing (The Dreams Episode)

Corinne explains to Max the difference between "visiting without him knowing" and felony trespassing. (Spoiler alert: there is no difference.) Max digs deeper into the Do Lifestyle. And patrons call in to share their ATF-related (sex)dreams.