#SurvivorATF Episode 49 Part 1: What’s Doing And Who’s Screwing

Max’s 40th is coming, and Corinne has a very special gift for him. Corinne spent the weekend with her friends on the world champion Cleveland Cavaliers, met her #1 NBA heartthrob, and attended a private Dave Chapelle set but still manages to Amelia Bedelia Richard Jefferson’s podcast. To get her mind off things she “Heyyyyyyyys” the entire starting lineup of the Los Angeles Kings and commits casual libel against “Kristina” Yamaguchi. During the voicemails we learn that Corinne’s inner child has fetal alcohol syndrome and that she once chose an appearance in Page 6 over a 3 year relationship. Max and Corinne go deep on a subject that is near and dear to both of their hearts: long distance relationships.

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