#SurvivorATF Episode 35: The Doodie Chronicle To End All Doodie Chronicles

Homeless youths are living in the stairwells of Corinne's building, but she's too busy trying to date a racist antisemite and a Jewish Negger to get involved. Max gives Corinne a high school civics quiz, which she aces, but not before identifying Survivor: Guatemala’s Lydia Morales as a United States Supreme Court Justice. The downfall of this week’s eliminated castaway causes Corinne and Max to realize that the single most important quality a Survivor contestant can possess is a willingness to talk to strangers on airplanes. During the voicemails a new voice joins the perennial debate between Summer Reading and Winter Television. The episode concludes with Corinne sharing the Doodie Chronicle to end all Doodie Chronicles.

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